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Oil Slick Beach Tar Remover FAQ

What are the ingredients?

Oil Slick Beach Tar Remover is a blend of medium chain triglycerides mixed with a nontoxic citrus solvent (D-Limonene). We use high grade and expensive ingredients to make sure we deliver a working product. 

How is this different than baby oil or goo gone?

Baby Oil and Goo Gone are petroleum-based products which make it not so eco-friendly. Oil Slick is different in the fact that we are completely eco-friendly. 

Is it safe for my pet dog?

Oil Slick was not designed for your pet dog. The citrus ingredient we use is great for removing tar safely and environmentally. Although some dogs can be sensitive to citrus oil if they decide to lick themselves, they may get a little sick. I wouldn’t recommend using Oil Slick on your pet dog for this reason in case they happen to be sensitive to the citrus oil. If you decide to use Oil Slick on your pet dog, I recommend rinsing with water immediately after use.

How long will one bottle last me?

The 4-ounce bottle puts out approximately 800 sprays and it only takes a little more than a few sprays to take the tar off your feet. It will definitely last you a long time and even save you money in the long run. As a surfer, my bottle lasted me the entire season of spring, I kept it in the back of my car and I never had to worry about tracking tar into my car or even into my home. My mom was definitely happy about that. 

Does it clean other things besides Tar?

Yes! Oil Slick works as a surf wax remover. If you still have those old patches of surf wax on your board from a few swells ago that just seem to not come off, Oil Slick will do the trick. Secondly, it can clean those dirty fishing lines covered in tar and it also removed glue and adhesives off your hands.  

Can it clean tar off my clothes or wetsuit?

Yes! It can clean it off wetsuits and clothes, it does take a little more elbow grease taking it off wetsuits and clothes because oil slick is designed for skin. For best use taking it off clothes, use immediately.