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Adhesive Remover FAQ

What is Oil Slick Adhesive Remover?

Oil Slick Plus is a non-alcoholic, multi-purpose, eco-friendly adhesive remover designer to gently but thoroughly get rid of medical adhesives and dressings as well as other sticky substances from your skin, which may harbor bacteria. The formula is 100% natural and non-toxic and safe for all skin types. All our products are made in the United States.

What are the ingredients in Oil Slick Adhesive Remover?

Ingredients include D-Limonene & Isopropyl Myristate Oil Slick Adhesive Remover is a formula that focuses on quality and how the adhesive feels on the skin. Unlike some our competitors, we do not use alcohol, which is not comfortable on the skin and can also cause it to dry out. Instead, we use 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe for you to remove stubborn adhesives and other sticky stuff off your skin.

Is Oil Slick Plus non-toxic?

Oil Slick Plus has been formulated to be non-toxic for both humans and the environment. It is suitable for all skin types. It also contains eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for the environment and completely biodegradable. Our company believes in conscious living and a sustainable lifestyle and we integrate our values into our products.

Who can use Oil Slick Plus?

Oil Slick Plus was originally created to be a gentle, non-toxic adhesive remover for people with Type 1 Diabetes. Adhesives from Insulin Pump Infusion sets are quite strong and can irritate the skin if they are forcibly removed. Oil Slick’s formula allows you to gently remove this adhesive as well as other strong adhesives. Hence, this is a great product to keep at home. It is also designed for dermatologists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals who struggle with tough-to-remove bandages.

Can you remove medical tape residue with Oil Slick Plus?

Yes, you can remove all types of medical tapes with the help of Oil Slick Plus. Sticky residue can remain stubbornly stuck to your skin and cannot be easily washed away when taking off bandages. Oil Slick Plus can also be used to remove this residue and clean your skin instantly.

Does Oil Slick Plus work on removing temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos look really cool, but when they start to chip off and lose their novelty, you want to get them off fast. With Oil Slick Plus, you can quickly remove your temporary tattoos without irritating your skin. Just a few sprays  on the tattoo will dissolve the glue and make it come off in just a few seconds.

Does Oil Slick Plus remove hair dye?

Not only is Oil Slick Plus effective in removing adhesives and glues, but it can also remove stains like hair dye from your skin. Getting hair dye on your fingers when giving yourself a new color can be very annoying. Oil Slick Plus can also effectively remove these stains in just under a minute. That is why we highly recommend hair salon owners always keep our adhesive remover in stock.

Does Oil Slick Plus work on ink and markers?

It is almost impossible to wash away ink stains from your hands. Now you do not need to go out in public with discolored and unappealing-looking hands. With Oil Slick Plus, all you need is just a few drops on the stain and it will make the ink vanish like magic.

Can Oil Slick Plus remove Krazy Glue and Super Glue from your skin??

If you forget to wear protective gloves when applying Super Glue and you are unlucky enough for it to get it on your skin, it can be next to impossible to get it off. People have resorted to nail files to scrape off the glue, which can lead to skin irritation and injury. Fortunately, Oil Slick Plus can easily, comfortably, and quickly remove all sorts of powerful adhesives from your skin.

Does Oil Slick Plus remove gum from your hair?

Yes, Oil Slick Plus can remove chewing gum stuck in your hair. It can be very difficult to get gum out of your hair and most people just find it easier to cut off that part of their hair. With Oil Slick Plus, you no longer need to mess up your hairstyle for the sake of getting rid of gum. Just a few drops of this amazing adhesive remover can help dissolve the gum from your hair.

Can Oil Slick Plus remove adhesive or gum from my clothes?

Although it is primarily made to be used on the skin, Oil Slick Plus also offers you the added advantage of taking out sticky residue from your clothes. Because of this, we highly recommend that all mothers keep a bottle of Oil Slick Plus in their laundry room.

Can people have skin reactions from Oil Slick Plus?

Since Oil Slick Plus is made of 100% natural and non-toxic plant-based ingredients, the chances of having a skin reaction or allergy from the formula are very slim. If you have sensitive skin and are uncertain about how it will react to the adhesive remover, consult your doctor before using the product.

Can I use Oil Slick Plus on my pet?

Oil Slick Plus was not designed to be used on animals. Although our ingredients are safe and environmentally-friendly, some pets can be sensitive to certain plant-based natural oils and they may get allergies. If for some reason, you decide to use Oil Slick Plus on your pet, we recommend rinsing the site with water immediately after use.

How is Oil Slick Plus applied?

Applying Oil Slick Plus is very easy. A few sprays of the adhesive remover on a cotton ball or a piece of gauze and gently rub it on the piece of skin that has sticky residue. Do not aggressively rub your skin as it can irritate it. After a few seconds, the residue will start to dissolve and your skin will be free of glue and other sticky substance within a minute.

Does it sting to apply Oil Slick Plus?

The sting that is felt when you use other adhesive removers comes from the acetone or alcohol content in their formula. Since Oil Slick Plus is non-alcoholic, it does not hurt when you apply it to your skin to remove adhesive and is considered an excellent choice for both pediatric and geriatric patients.

Does Oil Slick Plus leave a lingering stickiness or oiliness after use?

Oil Slick Plus is an extremely effective formula that completely removes all traces of adhesives, glues, and gum from your skin. Hence, you do not feel any residual stickiness once you have used it. It also does not leave your skin uncomfortably oily after use but leaves it clean and soft.

Can Oil Slick Plus prevent infection on the site of the wound?

Adhesive residue can become a hotbed for bacteria. By removing the residue efficiently, the chances of the patient getting an infection are significantly reduced. Oil Slick Plus can help you with that by thoroughly and gently cleaning away the sticky residue, preventing bacteria from accumulating on your skin.

What sort of packaging does Oil Slick Plus come in?

Oil Slick Plus is available in a 4-ounce plastic bottle, which is free from BPA. 

How long does Oil Slick Plus remain usable after opening?

Oil Plus Slick does not degrade once it is opened; however, you should not expose it to extreme temperatures as it may affect its efficacy. Keep the product firmly sealed after each use.

What benefits make Oil Slick Plus the superior choice for adhesive removers?

Oil Slick Plus is made of only natural plant-based ingredients because we care about the health and well-being of our customers. Our product is non-toxic and eco-friendly product does not contain any petrochemicals or other hazardous chemicals that harm human health and the environment. Our packaging is BPA-free plastic and the bottle is recyclable.

How is Oil Slick Plus different from Goo Gone and Baby Oil?

Both Goo Gone and Baby Oil are made of petroleum-based products, which is not good for the environment. In comparison, Oil Slick Plus is human-friendly and eco-friendly since it is made of natural ingredients.

How long will a bottle of Oil Slick Plus last?

A 4-ounce bottle of Oil Slick goes a long way. It typically takes one to a few spurts from the bottle to remove adhesive from the skin, so depending on your usage, it can last for up to 800 sprays! Hence, a single bottle can last for awhile and can save you money.

Does Oil Slick Plus come with an expiration date?

The shelf life is 2 - 2.5 years. The company stamps the batch number and the expiration date for Oil Slick Plus on its box or its plastic packaging. Since the information is written in tiny fonts, we recommend you take the product to a well-lit area or step under a light to read it clearly. 

Where can I buy Oil Slick Plus Adhesive Remover for the skin?

You can easily buy Oil Slick Plus from our website at Alternatively, you can also buy our product from Amazon. We sell the adhesive remover in a 4-ounce bottle and give you a discounted price for purchasing two bottles together from our online store.

Can you return the item if it is damaged?

Once you receive your order, make sure you open it immediately and check to see if the item is damaged or defective, or if you have received the wrong item. Contact us immediately to notify us of the problem we will let you know if we approve of the refund. If it is approved, we will refund you your original amount. Please keep in mind that depending on your bank and credit card company, the actual refund may take some time.